Следуя этим мудростям, я почувствовала, что мне стало легче жить и дышать. It not only makes you believe that it is rightfully part of you, but also makes you its obedient slave. As we know no one would be able to live in this world without the body. Для экономии времени пропустив некоторые подробности, цитирую дальше: As a result of this, you make many mistakes. Therefore, one must learn the secrets of wisdom of life and learn to live in a new way. When people fight, curse, argue or insult each other, it shows that they have a very weak logical thinking ability and lack ability to freely use words required for peaceful dialogue with each other».

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If someone gives you pieces of advice based only on his own individual opinion, without confirming his words with facts, then you апкоеиттр be prone to making mistakes and also lose your luck and success».

When you start to place yourself in the thoughts of another person, thinking about the following: False feelings Insincere smile Fake relations Artificial appearance Fake statuses Beverages that destroy health Powders that destroy consciousness Chemical food Artificially imposed stereotypes from adverts Fictional stories. When a person is worried that his child will make a fool of himself, the person is already beginning to опкреиттр create bad situations around the child.

Отец оглянулся, ища кого-то, но махнул рукой. Switch to English sign up. Guzel Gayfutdinova Nov 17, at 1: So if your children play un-reasonable games and games with negative content, so you ought not to expect any intelligence and logical thinking of your children in the future.


Здесь же 1 вывод — нехер читать всякое говно поздними ночами Мой вопрос без негатива, «пукан не бомбануло» ни в коем разе, просто может кто читал эту херню? You are so used to your EGOtism, that you continue to live with it and trust it, thereby ceasing to be in charge of your Mind and personality. Any other information which was received by you From friends or acquaintances, From the Internet, television or radio, From books or from photographs, From anyone or from anything.


Эта замечательная книга научила меня думать и переосмыслить свою жизнь. Я в восторге, прочитала на одном дыхании; созвучно моим внутренним ощущениям; получила подтверждения многим своим мыслям; получила энергию и подсказки. Being troubled and thinking that an exam can be difficult for the child, the parents already mentally creates a difficulty in passing this exam.


Or other similar thoughts. At the same time, you create in your future the neglect and disrespect of your descendants towards you. Из печи послышалось совиное уханье. It is unwise to form negative habits that will end up complicating and filling your life with sufferings and continuous negative consequences». Так как любая ошибка имеет такие последствия, как: Due to this, he кнгии unwell, and he begins to fall ill, losing useful control of his actions and movements, Then at that moment all the body cells — as one single family, begin to actively and commonly displace and get rid of the parasites, to create purity in the human body, so that the body again becomes clean and healthy, sturdy and strong, and then Man can again be able act and move, understand and create in this world, that is, Man continues to live.


Я много живу, много учусь, много передаю знания и опыт другим людям. Or Live for creation At first birth, education, work, then forming a family. If you start to take offense or cry, you will only end up in pitying yourself and indulging in your EGOtism. Няня тяжело двинулась за. It is worth reminding us that jealousy leads not only to scandals and fights, but also to the loss of loved ones.

Железная рукоять вдруг дернулась, жестяная заслонка задребезжала. The more a person creates and sells weapons, the more the person creates a prerequisite for war and the more likely that these weapons can be used by other people against him. One living cell is one living cell.

Апкреиттр — особо высокий уровень мышления

Download the book for free. In other words, how your words or your actions would affect your life in the future.

Теперь уж не вывернется, — выпрямился Савелий. In return you will end up апкретттр. Therefore, one must learn the secrets of wisdom of life and learn to live in a new way. Many living organs are living body. Спасибо автору за мудрость. Man is then blinded by the fact that he already knows everything about life.

The creation of beautiful parks for recreation is a masterpiece.